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You’re thinking about the ring. Here’s some advice.

Is three months salary really a thing?

What you spend on a ring is a personal decision. We would never try to convince you otherwise. As long as you and your significant other are happy with the ring, then it’s money well spent.

I don’t even know how and where to start…

You’re not the first to feel this way and you definitely won’t be the last! Marriage and everything that comes with (including the ring), is a huge decision. We recommend booking a 15 minute drop in appointment so we can share our process with you.

Do I have to be an expert at diamonds so I don’t get taken advantage of?.

At La Bijouterie, we pride ourselves on educating our customers in the most unbiased way possible. It’s always helpful to do some research on your own, but in no way do you need to have an extensive background in diamonds. Trust is key when finding a jeweler and we like to establish that from the very begining.

What if she doesn’t like the ring?

We always recommend that our couples share what they are looking for in their dream ring, but if that doesn’t work out, there are always options, especially with the setting.

I don’t think I can afford the ring she deserves.

You want to give her the world and we get that. Learning about the 4 C’s can help you determine the areas that cost the most and the least in order to help you pick the perfect diamond that fits within your budget.

When should I start the ring buying process?

We suggest having an initial meeting 4 months before you’d like to propose to stay on the safe side. With that said, there are certain rings that need far less lead time. Book an initial appointment to get a better idea of timing.


Yes, we work with a local well established bank which offers competitive 3rd party financing. The financing process can be done online during your appointment and you can get a reply in 30 seconds.

At La Bijouterie, we love helping customer find the exact diamond that fits any budget and any style. Book an appointment today!

Financing provided by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. with approved credit

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